Hi BSD folks!

I installed FreeBSD 7 Release - amd64.
I have ATI Radeon HD2600 pro VGA card but ATI is sucks for supporting driver
for Linux or FreeBSD!
So, I'm considering to replace the dam ATI card with NVIDIA Geforce.
I don't wanna play 3D games on FreeBSD, so just cheap Geforce card would be
but it should support 1920x1200 resolution.
I wonder if what Geforce model is supported by the FreeBSD 7R - amd64.
Anybody can recommend?

Second, I want to use zero-copy facility of FreeBSD.
As far as I know, the hardware (NIC) support (Scatter-Gather DMA) is needed
for that as well as using sendfile() api.
Among the NIC products which has SGDMA function in the market,
which one is the most well supported by FreeBSD 7R - amd64?
I got a technical support from Intel, and they said there is no Intel NIC
which supports SGDMA.
That is so surprising.. isn't it?

The driver issue is killing me on FreeBSD.


Mungyung Ryu
Ph.D. Student.
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
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