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> Robert Huff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> >     nVidia, at least, is aware of the issue and has offered to
> >write and maintain drivers ... provided certain capabilities are
> >added to the kernel.  (See previous discussion in this mailing list.)
> >     This has - obviously - not happened, and I do not know of work
> >in progress.
> >     I do agree that the first vendor to provide working drivers
> >will make quite a few sales.  (Me among them.)
> In all likelihood, the probability of any vendor creating FBSD
> specific drivers is directly proportionate to the expenditure of funds
> to create and maintain the driver versus the expected revenue from such
> an expenditure.
> Unfortunately, doing a quick search, I was not able to locate the
> article(s) you referenced above. I would like to see exactly what
> NVIDIA is requesting.

Digg through the nVidia forum. They've posted the specs / story there with a 
few links off to FreeBSD forum / lists as well.

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