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Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> | | the simple answer is that software RAID on todays computers vastly
>> | outperforms ANY hardware raid solution, maybe except the ones for
>> 10000$ | or more.
>> You're basically correct, but I think you're overestimating the price of
>> a good RAID controller.
> no. please give me example of any RAID hardware below 10000$ that WILL
> be faster than properly configure software RAID solution under FreeBSD
> with same amount of same disks.
> i mean faster under normal unix-like load, which is lots of parallel
> accesses to same or different things, not simple tests.
> there are NONE.

I have a number of systems running postgresql + a python web application
that see fairly heavy concurrent access.

The 3ware 9690SA outperforms gmirror and can be had in 4 port with the
battery for $600 or so.  8 port with a battery is closer to $1000

Hardware RAID gets you boot support from stripes, email alerts for RAID
events in many cases, and with a battery the option to turn write
caching on on the controller.

Unfortunately there are a number of bad and/or poorly supported RAID
controllers out there, especially on FreeBSD.  I'd never suggest to
anyone that my highpoint 2300 or LSI 3041R-E are "high performance", but
on the other hand, at real world tasks like a database that backs up a
webserver doing millions of hits a day, the LSI 320-2E does RAID 10
faster than gvinum, and my 3ware 9690SA's are faster than gmirror at
RAID 1, plus offer the option for a warm spare.

Software RAID has advantages, namely hardware independance.  And it can
be faster than low end hardware RAID.  But you don't have to spend much
to get a hardware solution that will smoke software RAID at real world

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