On Thursday 02 October 2008, Kirk Strauser wrote:

> I have an AMD system with 6GB of RAM.  From dmesg:
>     usable memory = 6428237824 (6130 MB)
>     avail memory  = 6203797504 (5916 MB)
> However, most of it is just sitting there when it looks like it could be
> used for buffers or cache:

On another AMD64 machine, also with 6GB of RAM, I have:

Mem: 482M Active, 1044M Inact, 363M Wired, 3792K Cache, 214M Buf, 4023M Free
Swap: 8192M Total, 8192M Free

I can understand that on the other machine maybe inactive memory is more 
beneficial than cache or buffers, but this system is just sitting there 
with 4GB free (and the exact same amount of buffer memory as on the other, 
which seems a little too coincidental).
Kirk Strauser
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