Does anyone have any direct experience running FreeBSD on the Intel S3210SHLC motherboard? If so, what problems have you run into? I'm trying to use FreeBSD 7.0, but I don't know yet if the problems are specific to 7.0 or not. The DVD reader/writer is an LG GH20NS10 SATA drive. Motherboard BIOS is release 45, BMC is release 31, and FRUSDR is 13.

As per another thread I started, creating a serial console installation CD is just not working for me, although I'm still pursuing it. I managed to install FreeBSD 7.0 using the standard installer CD (aka internal console), but any deviation from that seems impossible.

Creating a bootable USB flash thumb drive doesn't work either, despite having enabled such functionality in BIOS. In fact, getting this motherboard to boot from a USB thumb drive doesn't seem to work whether it contains FreeBSD or something else entirely.

I've had a couple of incidents where pressing the reset button actually powers down the server for 5 seconds or so before automatically powering back up. Not a big deal, but doesn't instill confidence in this motherboard.

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