On Fri, Oct 03, 2008 at 05:20:32PM +0200, Andreas Davour wrote:
> I'm not a csh user, in fact I hate it. Though, I use it as it is out of  
> the box for root so I'm reminded I'm not an unpriv user any longer.
> That being said I'm getting annoyed by the fact that the root shell is  
> always showing me all the "dot files" all the time. It clutters up the  
> terminal with so many files I don't see the ones I want to work with! Is  
> there a way to turn this feature off?
> I even tried to start a bash and alias ls to ls -F but it still kept  
> showing me the dot-files I'd rather not see.

This is not a shell issue, as it applies to csh, sh, and bash.

The "problem" is FreeBSD's /bin/ls.  See the ls(1) man page,
specifically the -A option description.  What you want is the -I flag.

Place the following in /root/.cshrc to get what you want:

alias ls        /bin/ls -I

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