On Fri, 2008-10-03 at 13:11 -0700, Yuri wrote:
> I have FreeBSD-70 machine and Linux Gentoo machines side by side (within 
> 10 feet).
> Gentoo Linux (with old AirLink101) connects to a particular encrypted 
> WEP network without any problems all the time.
> FreeBSD (with ral0 device and native driver) connection is very 
> unstable, keeps disappearing, though network card shows signal level as 
> -90:-95.
> dhclient fails to set up the card, often dhclient succeeds but all name 
> lookups fails. When internet connection is established all TCP 
> connections get dropped after 10-20 minutes or less.
> I feel like I hit some bug in FreeBSD WiFi networking support.
> Anyone has similar experience?
> Yuri

Yeah I had similar troubles on a laptop with an intel wifi (6.1 + 6.2).
I posted something about a week or two back, but I didn't get any
response here. Not sure where to go from here though, as I'm having
similar troubles with the ral driver too (desktop- 6.3).

Seems to be wpa supplicant from my troubleshooting. If I manually
reassociated with the iwi it was ok, but didn't hold out- I was going to
setup a script to run a check and do this. The ral driver works if I set
it auto, but wpa supplicant will only work in manual mode. Catch 22 on
that one...

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