> I'm tracking 4.7 stable.
> The handbook asks me to:
> go to single user mode and fsck -p (etc ...)
> Can't.  
> "/dev/ad2s1a: NO WRITE ACCESS
> (Mounted RW  according to fstab).

This looks like you aren't running the fsck as root. Either that, or
the file modes on the device are screwed up.

> after "make buildworld" as single user and reboot also to single user could not
> "cd /usr/src" - ls shows the /usr directory containing only /usr/local and no
> other directories.
> I CAN find /usr/src (and a number of other useful directories <g>) as root or user.

Possibly something isn't mounted.

> I am next supposed to "make buildkernel # make installkernel".  This appeared to
> work ok (I didn't monitor), but no new kernel appeared in the / directory (I
> still had my 'old' one).

So what does an ls of the kernels look like? Normally, installkernel
moves your old kernel to kernel.old, removing any previous kernel.old,
then installs the new kernel as kernel.;

> The next step was to be "make installworld" but I have not done this in view of
> the earlier errors.

No, the next step is to reboot to the new kernel you just installed.

You really haven't given us a lot of information to go on. Knowing
exactly what commands you run, and seeing real error messages would
help a lot.

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