In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, John Bleichert 
> Been off-list for a while. I have a functional PostgreSQL install. I've 
> written native apps to access it on Linux and BSD. WHat do I need to do on 
> the FBSD Postgres server to allow other hosts on the LAN to access it via 
> ODBC? I know I need to install the appropriate ODBC drivers on the 
> clients.

All you need to do is install the appropriate ODBC drivers on the
client side. They translate from the ODBC API to the Postgresql
network API. Hmm. You may need the postgresql libraries on the client
as well. I already had the postgresql client port installed on the
client side when I installed odbc, and may not have noticed.

> New to ODBC, figured FBSD is a good place to learn it. Any help or 
> pointers appreciated.

All I can recommend is that you keep asking questions on -questions. I
just installed ODBC to use with Applix Office. It was a pita because I
was use a newer version of Postgres than Applix Office supported, and
a newer version of Applix Office than Postgres supported. Once I found
the proper drivers, it worked fine.

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