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> There is my situation:
> I want to be able to use freebsd-update to update a FreeBSD 7.0-Release
> installation to the latest security patches (I want an update and not an
> upgrade if I understand correctly). Where this gets more complicated is that
> I need a custom kernel (for ULE, pf and ALTQ while also disabling some
> devices I'll never need) and I want to use jails to isolate every services
> (Apache and MySQL by now).
> So, I read at some places that you can't use freebsd-update with a custom
> kernel, but I'm not sure if this apply only in the case of an upgrade
> between release or if I'll need to manually recompile the kernel with every
> use of freebsd-update.
> I also read that it's possible to update the jails from the host system
> with the -b flag. In this case, I supposed that I need to update the host
> system before the jail, but is the procedure going to be exactly the same?
> yes all you need to do is freebsd-update fetch install your kernel won't be
> updated but your userland will
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