On Sunday 05 October 2008 19:53:03 Scott Bennett wrote:
>      I'm getting a lot of messages like this:
> Oct  4 14:30:00 hellas kernel: Limiting closed port RST response from 250
> to 200 packets/sec
> Is there some rule I can insert into /etc/pf.conf to reject these
> apparently invalid RST packets before they can bother TCP?  At the same
> time, I do not want to reject legitimate RST packets.
>      Thanks in advance for any clues!

Chances are pf is *creating* them. RST responses are used to signal that a 
port is closed, which is what block-policy return does. Combined with default 
block all, a simple portscan will generate this.

Switch to block-policy drop and set return for real denies, not default 


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