[np (in the Subject:line) does not refer to a category of algorithm.
        it means: "No Problem"]

        Some time back I  was determined to get rid of that battle-ship anchor
        19" CRT and upgrade to at least a 20" LCD, preferably widescreen.  An 
        older, even nerdier friend *was* not only to heft it to my office floor,
        but carry it out to the garage and install my new 20.1" LCD and it 
        for my Ubuntu system.  --I only needed to do an 

        # X -configure

        then test it and move xorg.conf.new to /etc/X11.

        I just have KDE4 up (hopefully) and am about to find out what is broken.
        O/wise, the new display works here on my home FBSD computer.  

        IOW, those who said it should/world work were right.  Thanks to all of 
        who encouraged the switch.  :-) , :-D , [!!!]

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