On Thursday 20 February 2003 16:45, Scott Mitchell wrote:
> You would add one line to the end of your /etc/master.passwd to tell it to
> pick up the entries from /var/yp/master.passwd as well (assuming you want
> your NIS users to be able to log on to the NIS server).  Any users defined
> in /etc/master.passwd will be 'local' users, those in /var/yp/master.passwd
> will be exported to NIS clients.  You can do a similar things with the
> groups database as well.

??? I know that.
But still, you first need to copy /etc/master.passwd to /var/yp, then edit 
/var/yp/master.passwd before exporting to clients.
I think it is easier to say "hey, just pick up UID higher then 1000 in 
/etc/master.passwd then create passwd.by*"

> pw(8) will let you set max/min UID and GID ranges and will happily
> manipulate both the local and NIS passwd files.

Allright, I'll have a look at it.

> You want to read the pw(8), passwd(5) and group(5) manpages (especially the
> bits on NIS/YP interaction) and section 19.8 of the handbook:
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/nis.html

I already have... otherwise I wouldn't ask on the list ;-)

Thanks for the help...


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