Roland Smith wrote:
On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 12:58:30PM +0300, Evren Yurtesen wrote:

Is there a known continuous backup solution similar to r1soft backup for FreeBSD? I googled a lot but couldnt find anything.

I don't think so. The closest thing I know of is rsnapshot
My solution is to run rsync in a cron job. In my situation this takes
about 5 minutes for approximately 100GB of data. The time it takes will
obviously depend on the rate of change in the data.

You could also use local snapshots with mksnap_ffs(8), to solve the "oh
shit I deleted my files" situation.

Thanks I am using BackupPC for such task already. Although it takes more than 5 minutes to traverse millions of files using rsync independent of if they were changed or not (since rsync has to scan all the files to detect what is changed or not even if it only checks modification times, this takes time for so many files).

I just was curious about if anybody could contact r1soft and ask for a pile of money to implement a driver for FreeBSD, since I couldnt do it even if I wanted to :)

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