Mel wrote:

I think once you and R1soft step out of the "I need a block level device" paradigm, you will see that modifying ggate with a "copy and fall through" mode, as well as a mechanism to block writes to the local provider, when the remote provider wants to write is the best solution all around and your best bet to get support for it. Right now, ggate does "intercept and redirect", but the concept of copy and fall through is not that far away. Bringing the R1soft devs in contact with the FreeBSD geom list and having them browse the sys/geom/ggate sources to see how trivial it is to hook into filesystem operations would be the course of action I'd recommend.

Would it be too much to ask if you can send this information to R1Soft and refer to the post I linked? I just dont think that I can be an efficient gateway of information here :)

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