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Hello Wojciech

> is it possible on FreeBSD
Its soft RT. Try to use the latest ULE scheduler. 

> i run asterisk with realtime priority. it works perfectly
> no matter how 
> much CPU is loaded by other non-telephony tasks.
> but with lots of VM pressure it starts to so... like like
> tha..that...
> what causes it to behave like that and how to fix it.
VM (interrupt priority) runs higher priority than RT in FreeBSD. The interrupt 
priority preempts RT.

To fix it, don't have any VM activity. Increase your RAM.

> for example when lots of spam comes to server and lots of
> resource hungry 
> spamassassin processes are spawned our calls starts to be
> crappy.
> CPU load for asterisk rarely exceed few percent!
> i think having separate computer just for this is stupid, i
> would do this 
> having no other choice, but can it be done without this.
When a postman deliver mail, do you check whether are they to you before accept 
or just blindly accept all and check later? :)

Best regards

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