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> The first 2 issues have covered topics from FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and
> actually a short one on MAC. In addition PCBSD is quite heavily featured.
> As far as I know this leaves only Dragonfly and DesktopBSD out for now in
> addition to Monowall, FreeNAS and FreeSBIE and others I do not know. Maybe
> these will be featured in later issues ? :)
> Kenneth
Actually, I think there have been articles introducing PC-BSD and
DesktopBSD.  I haven't seen articles regarding Dragonfly; but version 1.12.2
is on the DVD.  (FYI - DragonFly BSD version 2.0.1 was released on September

The BSDMag website mentioned that it would be available at Barnes & Noble.
I couldn't find it there; but I found it at Borders bookstores.

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