Here's one that's puzzling me... 

If I use /usr/local/bin/mysqldump to make a backup of a database, the
file it produces fails to restore with "Check syntax near..." error.

If I then head into cPanel, to their "Backup" menu, and take a backup of
the database from there, the file it  produces also fails to restore
with "Check syntax near..." error, but at a COMPLETELY different point
thru the restore.

If I head into cPanel, to phpmyadmin, and do an export from there... the
file restores PERFECTLY without errors.

Sooo... how can I write a script that'll backup a MySQL database and
produce a useable file??

This problem is occurring on 2 of my 8 databases... it appears the
chosen software used to produce the dump of MySQL data is the culprit...
what is the best commandline (ie: cron-able) tool to use for the task?

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