Well, thanks to Valintin, I did figure out how to change the umask for pure-ftpd. So now uploaded files have the permissions I wanted, even if
they are not needed.

Be careful with what you've done. If you changed the umask on the ftpd as a whole, then suddenly unrelated users are going to find their files
writeable by whatever group/GID they default to.

A good point. The default group for my users is their own group... i.e., user_a's default group is user_a, so that should not be a problem, but why give away more rights than necessary?

So, I've put the pure-ftpd umask back to 137:077 (this inverted octal was a brain twister until I had my second cup of coffee :-), retested, and it all works the way I wanted it to.

Three hours gone, but I guess I learned a few things, which I have documented in my Solutions Log.

By the way, for any Mac users on the list, I highly recommend Yojimbo as a Solutions Log. Yojimbo is a program that's hard to explain, but incredibly useful. It is basically a place that you can throw all sorts of useful information, such as notes on how to solve things you've already figured out (I hate having to figure things out twice), PDFs, book marks, whole web pages (archived), emails (archived), passwords (encrypted)... any information that you want to be able to find easily in the future.

You can 'tag' each bit of information with as many keywords as you want.

Then, when you need to retrieve some vital bit of information, it has a search engine that lets you find it quickly.

It sounds trivial, when you read it, but I don't know any other tool that lets you store so many types of documents in the same place, with such easy retrieval.

Anyway, that's my tip of the day.

Thanks to everyone for the help. Now I just need to catch up on the rest of the day's work!

-- John

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