On Thu, 2008-10-09 at 16:21 +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> I'm really about to throw this damn server through a closed window (or
> better yet a brick wall). I've searched high and low on google for a
> straight answer, and any references in mailing lists give an answer of
> read the INSTALL file (as if thats supposed to solve everything).
> I have virtual users for email in postfix, and I want to use maildrop to
> deliver to the virtual mailboxes. Problem is, when it does use maildrop
> it shows an error in the logs as the subject line says.
> I've tried everything, checked everything. That supposed magic solution
> in the INSTALL file says only ONE thing needs to be set to get it to
> work. Maildrop is owned by root and group is mail. The socket is rwx
> globally (all this is set by the port install). The executing user for
> pipe in postfix is vmail.
> I've installed the port with authlib and gdbm (even manually adjusted
> the makefile to ensure --enable-userdb). Nada.
> The generally consensus is that it should work out of the box- so what
> the hell am I doing wrong? Where should I be looking? Specifically: what
> is not authenticating? I can manually test maildrop ok. So wtf?
> You'll have to excuse my language here- I'm not sure how much hair I
> have left after working on this for several days...

Ok, I know I'm answering my own question here- but this should
definitely be fixed.

In the INSTALL file, someone should change the statement where it says
"When using the standalone maildrop build with courier-authlib, one
         of the following configurations must be used:"\

to: "When using the standalone maildrop build with courier-authlib, ALL
         of the following configurations must be used:"

Just after I sent the email I thought I'd check the only thing I hadn't
changed, the setuid bit. There are several reasons why I hadn't had the
guts to do this before- but in my mood I was feeling reckless.

1. The statement in the INSTALL file said only one configuration needed
to be changed.
2. I installed from ports- I would have thought (like most would, and
history has served to provide empirical data) that the install process
would have set this.
3. None of the information I read when searching emphasised this when
all other options are already set- and certainly none based on freebsd.

Anyone else with this issue popping up THIS is the answer- set ALL the
configuration options in the INSTALL file.

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