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I've a server box with four NICs addressing different subnets:

NIC1:   one class c subnet of same class b network
NIC2:   another class c subnet of same class b network
NIC3:   local unrouted network
NIC4:   local unrouted network

In the current configuration I use a default gateway (and no routing daemon) in the subnet addressed by NIC1. Now of course, if a client in an arbitrary different class c subnet contacts the server using the ip address of NIC2, it gets a reply from NIC1.

How can I cange this? I'd like the server to answer via the interface the client uses when connecting.

Maybe that's a silly question, but thanks for any reply!

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Konrad Heuer
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You can have only one default gateway, that should be to where all other traffic should go. Add static routes to your specific subnets, public or private for the routing of that traffic.


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