I've been tasked with putting FreeBSD on a laptop at work. The problem I'm having is this: The USB controller is setting up as IRQ 10, while another piece of hardware is hard-coded to that IRQ. Hence, the kernel panics on a page-fault at boot time, meaning I can't even start the install.

The laptop is a Eurocom 3100b and its BIOS doesn't have a setting to shut off the USB stuff. (I upgraded the BIOS just to see if that would help. It didn't.) I tried to disable USB in the kernel config utility, only to discover that to the kernel config utility uhci doesn't exist.

So what I'm asking is this: is there any way around this problem, or do I inform my boss that he's asking the impossible?

Please cc me on any replies.

Thanks in advance,
Dwayne MacKinnon

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