--- On Thu, 10/9/08, Chad Marshall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Maybe you should put someone in charge of answering emails
> who aren't  
> cocky and smug

This is a public mailing list.  No one is in charge of answering mails to it.  
When sending to -questions, you are emailing the community of people, most of 
whom are willing to help when they have time and knowledge.  

> I still believe in FreeBSD and it's a great OS.
> It's the nix I started  
> and learned with  but I think your community is full of
> conceited,  
> pompous asses,  the reason I don't like to associate
> with IT people.  
> I'd rather not give money to someone who has to insult
> me. 

No one on this list gets paid for helping others via it.  If you want paid 
support with no risk of potentially being offended by someone, you can actually 
pay for support through any one of many companies, or just hire a consultant.  

> If you go  
> to a restaurant and you get a rude waiter, what do you do?
> I don't go  
> back or give them a crap tip.

You're under some whacky and wholly mistaken impression that anyone here is 
getting tips.  We're here to help other users because that's how the community 
interoperates.  Others help me, I in turn help others.  If someone were rude to 
me or generally behaved poorly on the list, I may then be less inclined to 
answer a question they ask which I may know the answer to, or vice-versa.  

Take care, mdh

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