In the last episode (Oct 09), Drew Tomlinson said:
> I am attempting to install a web analysis tool named "Urchin" from
> Google.  Installation instructions are here:
> Urchin claims to run on FBSD 6.2+ which I took to mean version 6.2 or
> greater.  Since this is a brand new install, I installed FBSD
> 7.1-PRERELEASE, assuming the actual release would not be too far off.
> I'm following the install procedures which has me run a ./
> script.  This script fails, complaining about a missing 
> I've Googled and found some reference that this has to do with
> installing compatibility libraries for FBSD 4.  Thus I've added
> "COMPAT4X= yes" and rebuilt and installed my world.  However I still
> do not have this file.

Major FreeBSD version bumps have historically resulted in most of the
base system's shared library versions getting bumped as well.
would have been for FreeBSD 4, but libm doesn't get bumped as often. corresponds to FreeBSD 6, and you can get it by installing
the misc/compat6x port.

FreeBSD 7 and later use symbol versioning (which allows different
versions of the the same function to exist in a single library), so
library version bumps theoretically are a thing of the past.

        Dan Nelson
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