Kostya Odnoralov wrote to [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

> Hi All!
> Please help me.

We'll try.

> 1) Advise to me good console-based mp3 player from ports
> collections.

audio/mpg123 would definitely be my first choice.

> 2) Where can i find good documentation about "how to make gateway".
> Classical example: external 193.178.228.xxx, internal 10.20.30.xxx.
> How bring up "routed"?

There are lots of ways to do this. It sounds like you want to want to
route from a private (RFC1918) network to/from the public Internet.
Right? To do that (successfully), you'll need to do some kind of
translation. You likely won't need to do any routing at all, except to
set a default route to your gateway, on all internal hosts. Do some
reading on NAT (network address translation). natd(8) would be a good
place to start. There are also plenty of web-based tutorials and
documents that you can find by doing some web searches for the terms
I've mentioned here. It sounds like static NAT may be the way to go in
your case. Also, to ease in the configuration of each internal host
(if you have more than one or two), consider using DHCP.
(isc-dhcpd), to dynamically configure the network settings per host.

That being said, I'm just guessing at what you're really trying to do.
If I've guessed incorrectly, please reply with more detail. ;-)

- Ryan

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