On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 08:46:32AM -0700, alan yang wrote:
> i wonder people ran into similar issue on setkey with freebsd7 that
> panic at ~/crypto/sha1.c:263 within sha1_result()
>   digest[0] = ctxt->h.b8[3]; digest[1] = ctxt->h.b8[2];
> on the following sadb add with setkey:
>   add esp-old 0x10001 -m any -E des-cbc
> "12345678" -A keyed-sha1 "12345678123456781234"
> thanks in advance on any hints.

I guess most people just don't use static SAs anymore :-)

Can you reproduce the bug ?
Are you using /sbin/setkey (provided by FreeBSD),
/usr/local/sbin/setkey (provided by ipsec-tools), or does it crash
with both ?

If you can reproduce it, please fill in a PR, Bjoern or I will take

Anyways, I'll have a look asap at that part of the code, to see if I
can find "something".

Any extra information on how to reproduce the bug is welcome ! :-)

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