>I've a server box with four NICs addressing different subnets:
>NIC1:   one class c subnet of same class b network
>NIC2:   another class c subnet of same class b network
>NIC3:   local unrouted network
>NIC4:   local unrouted network
>In the current configuration I use a default gateway (and no routing 
>daemon) in the subnet addressed by NIC1. Now of course, if a client in an 
>arbitrary different class c subnet contacts the server using the ip 
>address of NIC2, it gets a reply from NIC1.

You should give more details about your configuration.

If any client on the class B on NIC2 can contact your server, you must
configure the NIC for the class B.

The routing stack will take charge of excluding the class C on NIC1
from the class B on NIC2.

It's very bad that the client that connects via the NIC2 has a subnet
of class B and that the NIC2 is configured for class C only.

If you configure:



it should work.

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