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Cool Paul,

How about the rest of these:


You can do it that way, but the port has an OPTION for Postfix that will set mail-gid to mailman and username is set to mailman by default. So the only one you really need to set is cgi-gid, which is www by default.

I used to use /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf to define those values to keep from having to remember them on the commandline every time I portupgraded mailman, but that hasn't been necessary in a while.

And do you think it would make a difference to the cookies issue I am

I'm not sure, but as a port maintainer, I can tell you that a great deal of effort goes into ensuring that the ports work as expected. They are thoroughly tested, and the committers are very conscientious about getting errors fixed before the ports are committed.

I would deinstall what you have, install the port and then see if the issue still remains. If it does, we can work on figuring out what the problem is at that point.

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