Firstly, I see a periodic(8) job that DOES use find -sx, which means
your attempt to track it down was faulty, and your syntax should have
been "find -sx /" not "find / -sx".  See here:

/etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid:   find -sx $MP /dev/null -type f \
Thanks for clearing that out. :-) I did not remember what it was and failed to find it.
$MP == mountpoint, e.g. /, /var, or any other mounted filesystem.

So, what you saw was the periodic check looking for setuid-root

Secondly, the kernel does not spawn userland processes like find(1).

Thirdly, dirmem and dirmem_max are *pure* kernel things.  What they do
is control the amount of memory used for directory structure caching;
rather than continually hit the disk every time and spend all that time
handling directory contents, the kernel can cache previously-fetched
contents in memory
Now it stays this value constantly:

vfs.ufs.dirhash_mem: 44306131

I think it is now caching everything.

Thank you again, and sorry for the dumb questions.


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