Hey all:

One of the big pitfalls of running a public CVS/CVSup/FTP mirror seems to be poor reporting on failed updates.

I'd like add some Nagios monitoring to our project.

For FTP and CVSUP rsyncs, I can have my cron(8)'d update scripts touch(1) a file if [ $? = 0 ]; then check them with libexec/nagios/check_file_age for mtime/utime.

However, I'd also like to monitor the CVSup and PServer services as well at the protocol level.

There do not seem to be any plugins in the public domain.


  - php/perl/python bindings/libraries to talk cvsup protocol and maybe
    query a list of collections, plus the protocol version negotiated?

  - Is there maybe a way to exec() the cvsup(1)/csup(1) client in "list"
    mode?  Does the protocol have a list operation?

CVS Pserver:
  - Maybe just do a "cvs log src/Makefile" -- verifies that the protocol
    is active.

  - Duh

  - Yea

Thougths?  Discussion?

        -lava (Brian A. Seklecki - Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

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