Are you referring to sysinstall?


In the older days it was under /stand if I'm correct

If you are missing the ports you could also simply use ftp to transfer the 
tar.gz archive from or an alternative mirror...


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Subject: an even dumber q: how do i get sage's ports-ypgrade working?

        Late last December my small network began falling apart.  Still
        not sure how, but a fellow from Dallas came to my rescue and from
        his home, slowly rebuilt and re-configured everything.  E.g.: for
        one thing, where I hack sendmail working via various kludges, he
        set up imap.  I had thought that was mostly for students....

        He also filled me in on jails.  Previously, I had my 1998 Kayak
        doing DNS and mail and web solo.  Jon created a jail and set
        things up there.  He used NFS to bring over things from a faster
        computer.  That's well and good; it makes sense to compile a
        suite that takes days on sage [Kayak @ 400MHz] on my Dell8200
        [2.4GHZ].  A few days ago I realized that I was missing some
        simple programs on sage.  I went into ports: empty.  Years ago
        there was a standalone script that let you fix or tune things. 
        I thought it was on the hard drive as well as the CD set.


        thanks for any clues!


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