On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 11:06:51PM -0500, Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:
> Does anyone know the magic incantation that will permit me to install 
> FreeBSD on this new machine of mine (nVidia chipset, SATA1 disk 
> controller)?

This information is too vague.  We need to know *exactly*:

1) What motherboard model,
2) What SATA controller you're using ("nVidia chipset" is too vague),
3) If you're using BIOS-level RAID or not,
4) What version of "7.x" you're trying to install.

Please note that FreeBSD often does not support brand-spanking-new
hardware.  For example, there are Asus motherboards out right now
which use a Marvell ATA/PATA controller which FreeBSD does not have
support for.  Linux adopts brand-spanking-new hardware much quicker than
we do.

Finally, these problems are difficult to solve; it's a chicken-and-egg
problem.  Even if you can get into the Fixit CD's "Fixit#" prompt and
type "dmesg", you probably don't have serial console or anything hooked
up, so getting us the dmesg output would be very difficult.

> I've been trying for a week or so now, with no luck.  Just out of 
> curiosity, I downloaded and ran Ubuntu 8.x, and it recognized all of 
> my hardware automatically.  The FreeBSD installer (both in 7.x and 
> 8.x), though, can't find my hard drive or CD-ROM.

There have been *tons* of changes to the ATA/SATA layer between
different 7.x versions.  I would urge you to try 7.1-BETA (do not let
the term "BETA" scare you away) and see if it works for you:


There are some of us which have this problem on CURRENT (8.0).  For
example, in my case, my Promise TX4310 card is not even seen on the PCI
bus during boot-up, while it works just fine in RELENG_7.

> I *really* don't want to have to resort to Linux, not after using 
> FreeBSD for 12 years now, but if I can't find a solution to this 
> problem, I'll have no choice.  :-(

I'm not sure why people resort to saying things like this, like somehow
they're committing a sin by using another operating system.  Open source
is about freedom of choice -- if FreeBSD doesn't work for you or get the
job done, and Linux does, then use Linux!  If Windows works for you, use
Windows!  There's absolutely no shame in that.  Blind, one-sided
advocacy only harms open source projects.

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