On Oct 11, 2008, at 09:46, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 09:33:42AM -0700, Kelly Jones wrote:
newsyslog rotates logfiles so that messages.0.gz is yesterday's file,
messages.1.gz is the day before's, etc.

This is ugly. If I tell my fellow sysadmins that I ran this command:

zfgrep 'bad thing' /var/log/messages.4.gz

and found stuff, they may run it the next day and get different
results because the file is now messages.5.gz

Is it possible to educate your co-workers into looking at timestamps on
files before randomly assuming that EVERYTHING ends up in .4.gz?  :-)
Surely your co-workers aren't that dense.

Or you can have them use zgrep 'bad thing' /var/log/messages.*.gz
and tell them "pay close attention to the timestamps shown!!"  That
might work as a better work-around.

Improving my cow-orkers intelligence would be the ideal solution, but
has anyone considered tweaking newsyslog to name files
messages.2008-10-05-12-00-00.gz or something. IE, give them a constant
name that doesn't change and then delete them after how many ever

I'd vote for the following strftime(3) format: "%Y%m%dT%H%M". Otherwise
known as: YYYYMMDDThhmm

Either approach would sure increase the typing when searching for log entries for a specific day. I keep 30 days of maillogs and reasonably frequently have to search them for a specific day a week or 2 ago. Given that I usually run about 5 searches to find all the relevant entries, that would sure add to the typing. Also, I have no immediate idea how newsyslog would be able to still retain 30 backups. The dates on the files are not necessarily accurate. They can get changed easily. Searching with maillog.* is a horrible waste of computer and people time. Puts a real load on the mail server and I wait for quite awhile.
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