Drew Tomlinson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> First, I must say I love the ports system!!!  It keeps me from
> suffering as I am now.  :)
> Anyway, I'm attempting to install a web log analysis software from
> Google named "Urchin".  The installation docs say it's supported on
> FBSD 6.2+.  As I am dedicating a machine to this software, I've
> performed a brand new install of 7.1-PRERELEASE.  I'm using the amd64
> version on a Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
> With help from the list, I overcame the first library issue by
> installing the compat6x libraries from ports.  Now the install script
> is complaining that "/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object
> "libncurses.so.6" not found".  I used ldd on the executable the script
> is attempting to run and get this output:
>        libncurses.so.6 => not found (0x0)
>        libcrypt.so.3 => /usr/local/lib32/compat/libcrypt.so.3 (0x280be000)
>        libz.so.3 => /usr/local/lib32/compat/libz.so.3 (0x280d7000)
>        libstdc++.so.5 => /usr/local/lib32/compat/libstdc++.so.5
> (0x280e8000)
>        libm.so.4 => /usr/local/lib32/compat/libm.so.4 (0x281be000)
>        libc.so.6 => /usr/local/lib32/compat/libc.so.6 (0x281d4000)
> I did search my system and found
> /usr/local/lib/compat/libncurses.so.6.  I tried adding a symlink to
> /usr/local/lib32/compat but then received an "...unsupported
> layout..." error when attempting to run the executable:  I assume that
> is because the libncurses.so.6 library is a 64 bit version?  I've
> removed the symlink.

You can explore it by the command 
% file /usr/local/lib/compat/libncurses.so.6

> Assuming my assumptions are correct, how can I get a 32 bit
> libncurses.so.6 version on my system?  Or if I'm wrong, what do I
> need?

You can copy this file from 6-i386 as Kris has already said.
And it may be a good idea to file a PR about it since this is
definitely the port's bug (CCing to the port's maintainer).

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