Kris Kennaway wrote:
Boris Samorodov wrote:
Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Boris Samorodov wrote:

You can copy this file from 6-i386 as Kris has already said.
And it may be a good idea to file a PR about it since this is
definitely the port's bug (CCing to the port's maintainer).
I don't think it's a port bug, but it would be useful to have an
official way to install the i386 compat libraries on amd64.  This
should probably be a separate slave port.

The port installs both amd64 and i386 libraries (look at the port
pkg-plist.amd64). Isn't it an official way? Imho yes.

One library is missing. Isn't it a port bug? Well, imho, yes. ;-)

OK then :)


Thank you both!  I'll figure out how to file a proper PR.



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