I have two "desktop" computers; three, if you count my new 
        ThinkPad.  The TPad needs a new CAT5 cable, so for now I'm only
        considereing the two tower computers.

        On the Ubuntu computer I am /home/kline; on my main computer,
        my home is /usr/home/kline.   The following sh script worked
        perfected when my home on "tao" [FBSD] was /home/kline:


echo "This directory is [${PWD}]";

scp -qrp  ${PWD}/* ethos:/${PWD}
###/usr/bin/scp -rqp -i /home/kline/.ssh/zeropasswd-id ${PWD}/* \ klin

        Question #1: is there any /bin/sh method of getting rid of the
        "/usr"?  I switch off between my two computers especially when
        get mucked up, as with my upgrade to kde4.  (Otherwise, I do
        backups of ~kline as well as other critical directories.)

        Is there a way of automatically using rsync rather that my
        kwik-and-dirty /bin/shell script?

        thanks, people,


        PS: Complete disclosure: it works one way [tao to ethos] because
            I have created a /usr/home/kline/* tree on ethos.  .... 

        PPS:  if this seems like a numbskull query, i only caught a few
              hours sleep last night!

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