> > One thing I am curious of is if you're running i386 FreeBSD, or another
> architecture (amd64, ia64, etc?)
> I'm running 7.0 stable with ULE scheduler on i386 architecture (since
> it's Pentium M). I've tried to use kde4 out of the box (after
> compilation). Whole kde is running poorly. I have to wait seconds for
> any action to complete (right mouse button, moving windows, moving
> widgets, etc), so, as you can imagine, I'm not that patient to tweak any
> settings while using kde4. Now I see that many of you are using nvidia
> binary drivers, maybe this is the answer why my kde4 is running so slow.

if you have the free space you could try pcbsd7 to see what some extra work
can do for it.
someone recommended it earlier, rather than the straight upstream stock port
(whatever that means)

the nvidia driver did make much difference for me
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