Thomas I fetched the latest portsnap and it seems I can't compile 
gstream-plugins either I get the identical error there must be something wrong 
with this port....you are not alone. I'm on freebsd 7.0 release. I hope they 
get it fixed soon as I think its a dependancy for both kde and gnome.

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Subject: Cannot compile kde4 or gnome2 due to gstreamer-plugin error

Hi Guys I'm running current(8.0) from last nights cvsup. I cannot
however compile kde4 or gnome2-lite due to an error in compiling
gstreamer-plugins. It looks like the error is originating from: cc: No
input files specified. I look forward to any help you guys might be
able to provide me with in resolving the errors so I can install a gui
:) Thanks in advance.

This should be fixed now.
Thanks for reporting.

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