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> Thanks for the prompt response. However, I have a brand-new ASUS X59XL
> notebook so the CD drive isn't old. Could it be that the CD drive is too
> new and not recognized properly bt FreeBSD rather than too old?


  I assume that your booting off the CDC on the laptop?  If so I
doubt that the CD is burned incorrectly.  If you want to check if the
burn is correct on the CD then go to another machine and boot and
install FBSD on it with your CD.

  In any case, we really cannot support CD burning software that isn't
on FreeBSD here and it is IMHO a distraction to even discuss it.

  I suspect a bug in the FreeBSD atapi driver, or a bug in the
notebook CD drive firmware.

  What you need to do is boot from your CD, then select a FTP
server as the install server during the installation and install
FreeBSD.  Then try to mount a standard data CD under FreeBSD in
the laptop and see if it understands it.  If that works then
install the cd burning tools from the FreeBSD ports and try
to burn a CD.  If that works then we can assume that the
Windows/DOS whatever burning tools you used are crap - which
doesen't matter since your just using that crap to bootstrap
into FreeBSD anyway.  Right?


PS  I strongly suspect once you get FreeBSD loaded you will not
be able to mount off-the-shelf data CD's in your laptop's CD
drive.  If this is so we really need for you to file a PR
on this.

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