On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 07:10:31PM -0600, Anthony Chavez wrote:
> Dear freebsd-questions,
> I have a HighPoint 1820 RAID controller that is using 1 channel for an
> OS drive and 3 channels for a RAID-5 array.  I'm interested in migrating
> to a new (possibly non-HighPoint) card, and am wondering if I will be
> able to plug the OS drive into one channel on the new card and have it
> "just work."  Is it a safe bet that it will?

It "probably" will work, assuming that the OS disk is not configured
as a RAID or array member in the RAID cards' BIOS.  Meaning, if you're
using the disk on the controller purely in a "JBOD" fashion, yes, it
should work.

> I'm curious to know if the array could be migrated just as easily, or if
> I should listen to my instinct and count on bumping into
> incompatibilities due to proprietary implementations.

I can absolutely guarantee you that you will lose access to all of your
data once you plug those 3 disks into another controller.

You need to back up all of your data from the RAID-5 array using
something like rsync, cpdup, or dump, move the disks over to the
non-RAID controller, format them (in whatever fashion you want),
and then restore the backup.

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