On Saturday 11 October 2008 15:22:37 Michal Kulczewski wrote:

> I'm running 7.0 stable with ULE scheduler on i386 architecture (since
> it's Pentium M). I've tried to use kde4 out of the box (after
> compilation). Whole kde is running poorly. I have to wait seconds for
> any action to complete (right mouse button, moving windows, moving
> widgets, etc), so, as you can imagine, I'm not that patient to tweak any
> settings while using kde4. Now I see that many of you are using nvidia
> binary drivers, maybe this is the answer why my kde4 is running so slow.
> However, beryl is working quite fast for me. kde4 is using only 4% of
> processor, hal and dbus are enabled and running.

Go into System Settings -> Desktop and try toggling "Enable desktop effects" to 
see if it makes a difference.  Also, go into Advanced Options (same screen) and 
try changing the "Compositing type" between OpenGL and XRender.

I'm also using the "radeon" driver and it's nicely fast on my machine.
Kirk Strauser
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