James Butler wrote:

My other problem is possibly unrelated, but any actions I perform
which would remove or update icons on the desktop (deleting a file,
emptying Trash) don't take effect until xfdesktop is restarted or I
log out and then in. Any ideas? Notably, automatic detection and
mounting of USB drives, which seems to be a fragile area for many HAL
users, works perfectly for me.

Thanks in advance,
-James Butler

Just solved this one, quite silly it was ;)
It seems Thunar is not built with FAM (File Alteration Monitor) support, hence it does not know when it needs to update folder views (or the desktop for that matter). So, simply rebuild with FAM:

# cd /usr/ports/x11-fm/thunar

# make config

(Select FAM from the options dialog)

# make deinstall reinstall

Restart your X session. It will work then.
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