We currently have a primary/failover setup for two FreeBSD 6.3 servers
running PF, and we're running into odd issues when setting up multiple
subnets on a single VLAN and CARP interface.  We have issues with them
coming up properly, and even worse, having both servers believe they are

Here's a snippet of one of the VLANs and CARP interfaces in question:

ifconfig_vlan10="inet netmask vlan 10 vlandev
ifconfig_vlan10_alias0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_carp10="inet netmask vhid 10 advskew
0 pass testpass"      
ifconfig_carp10_alias0="inet netmask"

The main difference between this and our other VLAN/CARP interfaces is
that because it's separate subnets, the aliases here are set up with /16
netmasks, while the regular aliases on the others are set up with /32s.
Is this correct, or should these also be set as /32s?

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