Jagermiester so this may not make to sense.

The problem I originally ran into is that behind goat fraging NAT I
would run into issues receiving calls. The problem I ran into is that

this is not kiax problem. this may be your NAT problem.

what is doing NAT?

IAX has configurable "ping" time, kiax tries 300 seconds by default, while asterisk PBX (or whatever IP PBX) could force it lower.

every that time IAX client "pings" (but throught IAX not ICMP) the PBX.

if NAT removes entries from translation table faster than this, you.. yes.. won't be able to accept calls, because you'll not be reachable.

minregexpire and maxregexpire options in iax.conf  control this.

unfortunately no options in kiax for this.

there is already another problem. kiax just ignore lots of "out-of-band" IAX commands.

when you make a call to other softphone, there is no "buu buu" before answering, just plain silence.
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