On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

|On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 12:54:26AM -0300, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
|>      I'm facing some problems trying to install a FreeBSD 
|> 7.0-RELEASE-amd64, on a Dell PE 2950III, dual Xeon Quad core, 8GB RAM.
|>      After (FBSD) boot menu count down, it shows a dump of the CPU 
|> registers and a message: BTX Halted. No matter what is changed in VM 
|> setup.
|Can you please download the 7.1-BETA2 ISO and try it instead?  There
|have been changes to the FreeBSD boot loader between 7.0-RELEASE and
|7.1-BETA2 which may improve things for you.  The 7.1-BETA2 ISOs are
|available here:

        The same behavior with 7.1-BETA2.

|>      It does not happen with i386 version.
|>      Which is the best release to install in this box? Should I go 
|> ahead with i386?
|If this is going to be a desktop box and uses an nVidia video card,
|you should stay with i386 (if I remember correctly there are no
|working amd64 nVidia drivers).

        It'll be a production server, not a desktop. 

|This won't allow you to use the full 8GB of RAM you have installed,
|though, without building a custom kernel with PAE support (and there are
|known compatibility problems between PAE and certain kernel drivers).
|It's strongly recommended you stick with amd64 if at all possible.

        In fact I'll not give the entire memory to this virtual machine. 
But I would like to use the full resources of 64bits CPU capacity.

- Marcelo

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