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FreeBSD 7 release.

I'm having trouble upgrading cups-base.  With an up-to-date ports tree
this is what I get.

| glynthebearded# portupgrade cups-base
| --->  Upgrading 'cups-base-1.3.5_2' to 'cups-base-1.3.8_1' (print/cups-base)
| --->  Building '/usr/ports/print/cups-base'
| ===>  Cleaning for cups-base-1.3.8_1
| ===>  cups-base-1.3.8_1 has known vulnerabilities:
| ** Command failed [exit code 1]: /usr/bin/script -qa
|    /tmp/portupgrade.5624.0 env UPGRADE_TOOL=portupgrade
|    UPGRADE_PORT=cups-base-1.3.5_2 UPGRADE_PORT_VER=1.3.5_2 make
| ** Fix the problem and try again.
| ** Listing the failed packages (-:ignored / *:skipped / !:failed)
|         ! print/cups-base (cups-base-1.3.5_2)   (unknown build error)

The story behind this is that I deinstalled  the cups-base package, then
found that I couldn't reinstall; so did pkg_add -r and got
cups-base-1.3.5_2; which is fine except that it won't work with the
installed version of gnutls, it wants an older version.

Is there a work-around which will get me a functional cups-base


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