I'll explain what I want to do, then what I planned and ask my question. That way if any of you have a better way to accomplish this, you can let me know.

I need to display a Power Point slide on a FreeBSD computer running more or less like a Kiosk. The FreeBSD machine will be running in a foyer displaying the Slide show and playing mp3's. It will not have a keyboard attached and needs to be controlled (i.e. slides changed) from a Windows box in the office. Both machines will be on the network.

Our plan is to use Open Office to show the slide show. I had planned to put XWindows on the Windows machine (using Cygwin) and export the display from the FreeBSD box, but then it dawned on me that I will not get the same display that is running the slide show. i.e. Open Office will be running on localhost:0.0, but the user will be looking at remotebox:0.0. As a side benefit, this will be a chance to put a BSD desktop in front of the users who overwhelming feel that they have to have Windows to do their job.

Someone suggested VNC, but that does not appear to control the :0.0 display. I'm not sure how that is different from rlogin to the BSD box and exporting the display.

Is there a way to either control Open Office from the command line, or grab Open Office, at least Impress, from localhost:0.0 long enough to open a new file and start the slide show, and then push it back?


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