Hi, I am not very familiar with using mailing lists so if I have made
a mistake in the format or scope of the message please correct me. I
am pretty desperate for an answer by now so any help at all is really
very appreciated.

I have a Shuttle SD30G2 computer (Specs:
http://preview.tinyurl.com/3knjrp ) which utilizes the intel ICH7
southbridge for sata devices. I am currently running FreeBSD
7.0-STABLE. The issue is that although the sata controller is
apparently detected correctly (It shows up by name in dmesg) the
devices attached to it do not show up when running 'atacontrol list'.
There are no errors produced on a normal boot, but booting in verbose
mode produces a few repetetive messages that may be telling, although
I am unable to decipher them.

Some other symptoms; When booting from an installer or bootonly iso,
the installer is unable to find the sata drive to install to and will
exit with error. This applies to 7.0-release, 7.1 beta (From Oct 11),
and the daily 8.0 bootonly (From may.) I have successfully installed
Ubuntu 7.04 to the machine however, and it correctly installs and
utilizes both the sata hard drive (ata2 in bsd) and the sata cdrom
(ata3.) so this eliminates any possibility of the drive(s) or
controller being faulty. and although I am currently using a custom
built kernel, the fact that several bootonlys/installers cannot find
the drive either would suggest it is not my configuration
modifications which have caused this behavior.

The full output from a verbose boot can be found here:
http://pastebin.ca/1227417 ; The relevant (I think) section starts at
roughly line #386 ("Intel ICH7 UDMA100 controller") where the first
controller for the IDE drives are found. ata0 is probed successfully,
ata1 is skipped (there are no devices attached here), and then the
sata controller is found, but ata2 and ata3 appear to be probed
incorrectly, spitting out a message like this a bunch of times before
quietly failing:
"ata2: stat0=0x7f err=0xff lsb=0xff msb=0xff".

If this is the wrong mailing list, or I am in the wrong place
entirely, please point me in the right direction, your help and time
are appreciated.

--John H
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