I'm trying to SMBus to work on my new Supermicro
server, but with no luck.

  It's got a Serverworks III HE chipset, with CSB5
southbridge.  My understanding is that this is supposed
to be compatible with Intel PIIX4 chip but unfortunately
the 'intpm' driver isn't doing it for me.  No smb0: line
shows up during the boot process.

  Here's what I've tried in my kernel config:

    device       smbus
    device       iicbus
    device       iicbb
    device       intpm
    device       ichsmb
    device       smb

  I've also tried the examples from the heathd
  and lmmon man pages, but those examples are
  obviously out-of-date.

  Help would be much appreciated. Any pointers,
  ideas or musings welcome too. :)

    Thanks much,

       Lee Nelson

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