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im on a pI 233mhz mmx with 64mb of ram
what do u recommend me to install GNOME or KDE

I use Blackbox on a 166 and it runs great (Fluxbox as suggested by somebody else is based on Blackbox I believe) - it's a great window manager. Controlled by a simple text file, multiple desktops, nice graphical styles, etc. mwm is nice too (very unix) but openmotif takes a long time to build.
Though I have the hardware and disk space to run GNOME, KDE, or both if I wish, I gravitate to a lightweight ethic, so like John, I run Blackbox (as well as bbrun for extra convenience). Very occasionally I also use Windowmaker for a bit of variety.

With a fairly lightweight GUI file manager, Rox-filer (not lightweight if built from ports, because the FreeBSD port has a bunch of GNOME dependencies; I just download it from its home page and install it, and it works fine for me - note, I do have Linux emulation installed), browser (Opera), mailer (Sylpheed), editor (nedit, though I also play with Xemacs and a couple of TeX editors), cd player (ascd or wmcdplay) and system monitor (GKrellM2), I feel pretty well set.

These are all GUI applications, because you asked about GNOME and KDE, which are big GUI desktop environments. The FreeBSD base system comes with command line utilities which will take the places of several of these applications quite nicely.


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